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Frequently Asked Questions

Get in the Know!

What is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD Coaching is a form of life coaching that specifically focuses on managing hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsivity while working on building executive functioning skills. ADHD Coaching provides a safe space for clients to be themselves, free of judgement, and explore opportunities for growth. By looking through an ADHD lens, together we can harness your strengths, tackle your challenges, and empower you to achieve your goals. Allow me to join you in your magical transformation into your best self.

Do you offer group consultations or workshops?

Starting Spring 2023, Neurodivergent Coaching will be offering group coaching for students. Finding ways to make coaching affordable is a priority for Neurodivergent Coaching. If you are interested in setting up a workshop for your workplace, contact me, and I will be happy to discuss the details with you.

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

Let me know how your ADHD or executive dysfunction is affecting your life and what you would like to see improve. For parents seeking coaching for their children, information on grades is always helpful. Send me a message, and we can set up a time to chat.

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