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Coaching for Students

Often, when I hear from a parent or a student who is seeking executive function coaching, the stories follow a pattern that you might find familiar. A typical student at the beginning of their coaching experience may:

  • Have several weeks worth of missed or overdue work to make up

  • Make "simple mistakes" such as switching signs in a math problem, forgetting to run spellcheck before turning in a paper, or misinterpreting instructions

  • Have no free time because all of their time after classes is taken up by trying to power through homework

  • Be failing classes or have lower grades without really understanding why

  • Feel the effects of burnout and high, chronic stress

  • Have no motivation to move forward with their work, particularly if it's boring or tedious

  • Know what they need to do, but have trouble getting started or knowing where to start

  • Feel like they are constantly trying to fix their mistakes or digging themselves out of a hole

  • Have a hard time maintaining daily tasks such as keeping their room tidy, doing dishes, and keeping up with laundry

  • Feel isolated from peers because of the amount of work they need to do

  • Feel embarrassed or ashamed about their inability to do what so many of their peers find easy

  • Feel easily overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks they have to do

If these experiences sound familiar, reach out for a free 20 minute consultation. Even if coaching isn't right for you or your child, I'm happy to point you in the direction to put you on the path you want to be on.

Semester ADHD Coaching Packages

Achieve your goals, find self-satisfaction, and gain independence with the help of an ADHD coach who understands the ins and outs of daily school life. From Canvas and advisory periods to accommodations and teacher communication, Meredith is familiar with current daily school life and the demands being placed on students from middle school through graduate school. Whether you are 13 or 30, Meredith can help you work towards deadlines, build up the courage to open communication with your teachers, and keep tabs on your school, work, social life, and health.

Understandably, some parents feel the need to keep an eye on their child's academics and remind them of homework and tests. However, studies show that too much parental involvement in academics can actually be detrimental to overall academic achievement. This is where having an ADHD coach can come in handy. While your child is developing their self-sufficiency and seeking independence, an ADHD coach can support your child in their decision making, executive functioning skills, and managing their grades without feeling like mom and dad are always on their case. While you get to enjoy just being a parent, your minor child's ADHD coach will update you on goal progress and general topics discussed during sessions so you can be at ease knowing that your child has their progress in mind.



Fall Semester

Apply by September 30

Spring Semester

Apply by February 28

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From your first day of class through your last final, get one hour of weekly coaching sessions and unlimited accountability partnership for one low price! 

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