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Summer 2022 College Prep Group Coaching

As the Class of 2022 graduates and moves on to higher education, students with ADHD hope for bright futures and dream careers. However, students with ADHD are more likely to have lower GPAs, pursue fewer course credits, and drop out by the time their first year of college is over. This trend continues into the second year without intervention.

That is why Neurodivergent Coaching is starting its Summer College Prep Group Coaching Program! Together, tentative students will work with a certified coach to build skills necessary for a successful college career.



  • Introductions

  • ADHD 101

  • Executive Functioning

  • The ADHD Brain


  • Finding Motivation

  • Goal Setting

  • Study Skills


  • ADHD Burnout

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Campus Resources

More Information

  • 90 minute sessions

  • $800 for 8 week program and lifetime access to a private chat for your group

  • Last 3 weeks of June, last 3 weeks of July, First 2 weeks of August

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