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Seize the Study Session!

By: Meredith Knauer

When I was in 8th grade, I was lucky enough to have a mandatory study skills class at my new school. I remember sitting in the back of class, next to the heater, fighting not to fall asleep as my teacher talked on and on in a monotone voice. She talked about how to take notes, different study methods, and some other tips that I probably was too bored to pay attention to. Study skills aren't the most thrilling of topics to discuss, but they are necessary, and for many students who didn't have the same opportunities as me, they are not taught in school.

Often, when I am having an initial discussion with parents or students who come to me for help, the lack of study skills is mentioned as a concern. This is through no fault of the student, though. Knowing how to study is not something we are born knowing how to do, and often, those students who don't know how to study are the ones who coasted by in school, earning good grades until they hit a big brick wall that they can't get past. What they've been doing is no longer working, and they don't know where to start. Follow this list of tips below, and hopefully, it will inspire you to try building some study skills of your own.

1. Find your ideal study space

Different people need different places to study. Perhaps your bedroom is the ideal place. After all, it's quiet, relaxing, and offers isolation from distractions... unless those distractions happen to be in your bedroom. If your Playstation won't stop calling out to you, maybe the library would be better. Some people need some background noise, so maybe a coffee shop would be better, or maybe sitting somewhere outside on campus with the sun shining on you will put you in the study mood. Try a few places on and see how they fit.

2. Figure out when is the best time to study

3. What is your learning style?

4. Know your distractions

5. Do little bits over long periods

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